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RGSSL Tennis Club – President

My dream with this Tennis Club is to help people living with mental/physical disabilities grow through the sport of tennis. With the help of Good Samaritans like you and me, anyone can learn to play at their own pace and our reward is the long lasting relationships that are created. True friendships that will last a lifetime. Done right, this Club will become an example to follow by many others and true champions will rise to the occasion as a positive model is always good for the spirit.

Different, Not Less is a phrase that was used by Temple Gradin, a lady with Autism who stood up to the many obstacles she faced. What is beautiful with that quote is that it can be used to promote respect among ALL our differences… TRUE RESPECT. Instead of passing quick judgement, we learn about the person that is so different from us. We try to walk in their shoes and see if we could do better. We turn the judgement into a helping hand by trying to understand the reasons for the actions and finding the right solution as a group.

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