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About The Club

We believes that everyone has a right to learn at a comfortable pace while acquiring new skills that will help them gain confidence in themselves as stated in the Mission Statement

Our Mission

To share the great values of a Good Samaritan while developing your abilities in tennis and to create long lasting bonds. In this league, understanding and respecting other’s differences would be the key to the Club’s success.

Being a good sport and putting others before you will be at the heart of the Club.

The Club has acquired the services of Club Pro Horacio Loor who will be part of ongoing improvements of the Club.

The Club will also develop programs for people with disabilities so they too can play.


Once part of the Club, all you will need is a racquet & a bottle of water. We will provide you with racquet at the start.

(racquets can be purchased through us as we will have discounts with OTA & Kunstadt Sports which we will share with you

All Ages Welcome

We split the groups by strengths. As this Club’s growth will happen with volunteers, members who are interested in its success can provide volunteer hours as it will create an affordable venue for Richmond village and its surroundings. As you have witnessed throughout the lessons, I volunteer my time so I can create something amazing for all to enjoy.

Registering early will build the liquidity the Club needs to create affordable programs and leagues for different levels of play. Resources for people with disabilities without the higher price tag will also be provided so they too can enjoy the sport of tennis.

We cooperate with the City of Ottawa to grow the sport of tennis in a healthy environment for ALL to enjoy

Who Knows, Maybe the Next ATP/WTA Champion Will Come us

FUN (100%)
Caring Instructor (20%)
Active Participation (20%)
Making Friends (20%)
Appropriate Challenge (20%)
Improvement (20%)

Our Services

Learn to Play Tennis with TPA Qualified Instructors or Simply join a League so you can play in a Structured Environment

Play in a League

3 Different Leagues Ladies Night Sharing the same passion of playing the sport of tennis among friend and developing long lasting relationships. MORE INFO RGSSL House League Join the executive


Take Lessons

Horacio Loor - Club Pro Loosey-Goosey, Go Spaghetti, Jump into the Pool, 90 degrees, 45 degrees, Let the Ball win the Collision, Chin Up, Show me your Back, Boxing Shuffle,