Sylvain Sauve

  1. Official Representative and Designated SpokespersonĀ for the Club.
  2. Preside at and Chair All Meetings of Members and of the Board of Directors.
  3. Perform such Functions as the Board of Directors shall Assign.
  4. Be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association and be Responsible for the Functions of the Board of Directors.
  5. Be a Signing Authority.
  6. Be an Ex-Officio Member of All Committees and Sub-Committees.
  7. Be Responsible for the Promotion Maintenance of a Positive Club Profile in the Community.
  8. Ensure that the Club is Represented at all External Meetings and Meetings of Significance.
  9. Appoint from Time to Time such Special Committees as Deemed Necessary.
  10. Suspend any Member or Director from the Privileges of the Club or the Duties of this Office, until the Next Meeting of the Board of Directors, but not in any case more thanĀ 60 days, from when the Offence for which such Suspension was made shall be dealt with by the said Board.