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Horacio Loor – Club Pro

Loosey-Goosey, Go Spaghetti, Jump into the Pool, 90 degrees, 45 degrees, Let the Ball win the Collision, Chin Up, Show me your Back, Boxing Shuffle, ACE and much more is what you’ve heard me say if you’ve been a member at RGSSL. If you haven’t, you owe it to yourself and the 2023 season is your chance to become it.

The game of tennis is fun and easy to win, all we need to do is to hit one more tennis ball than our opponents. That’s all!!! Of course, that last ball must land in the court.

I’m Horacio Loor, Head Coach at RGSSL Tennis Club, and I look forward to playing tennis with you.

$5 Saturdays @ the Courts – Season 2023

Richmond Community Team Tennis (Ages 8 and Under) – Red Court

Richmond Community Team Tennis (Ages 9 to 12) – Orange Court

Richmond Community Team Tennis – Teens & Adults

Drop Ins

Junior Development League